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Our supporters are the reason we can keep doing bigger, bolder, braver things. We love you and you look SO dapper today. If you'd like to become a supporter of the lab, it's quick and easy to make a gift here. Need a nudge? We're an operating project of Multiplier Project Accelerator, a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, so your gift is tax-deductible in the U.S. (legalese: to the extent allowed by law!). BONUS: you get baby corals stickers in the mail. Thanks to our hosting arrangement, we get to do big things with low overhead. To discuss a specific project or grant opportunity, you can also contact Kristen here.


Can you help coral science and conservation reach a wider audience? Media inquiries, photo requests, and speaking invitations are welcome here. A sampling of recent communication projects is here.


We hosts interns from around the world for research projects in coral ecology, reproduction, and restoration science. We look for go-getters from all fields of biology with proven experience in the lab or in the water. We invite women and men to the lab in equal numbers and we create equal research opportunities for non-divers. The best times to join the lab are in August and February, but we keep an eye out for great candidates all year round. Interested? Kristen's contact info is here.


When applicable, the details are here.

Marhaver Lab humans on the pier at CARMABI

An early assortment of Marhaver Lab humans. They named themselves "Team Awesome" and Kristen couldn't find a reason to disagree. From Left: Michiel, Petra, Kristen, Anoek. Photo: Cas Grupstra


A recent assortment of Marhaver Lab humans. They named themselves "Chill Team" after diving 16 nights in a row and Kristen thought that was good irony.

From Left: Kristen, Daisy, Lucas.


Coral Spawning 2019. Daisy and Lucas brought back the name "Chill Team" and then we dove for four months and raised nine species of corals. From Left: Daisy, Lucas, Mark, Kristen, Sophie. Photo M. Bennet.

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