When not underwater or in the lab, Kristen writes and speaks about coral restoration, ocean conservation, and the craft of science communication itself.


A selection of sci-comm projects are catalogued here, but let's be honest, some of this is Old News. The Lab is always making new breakthroughs and taking even cooler photos. There's only one way to get the newest intel, the latest coral baby photos, and the good jokes, and that's by going straight to the source.


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Kristen Marhaver on stage at TED 2017

Talking about—can you guess?—baby corals. Photo: Ryan Lash

"Why I still have hope for coral reefs"

filmed at TED 2017

"Why should we care about coral reefs?"

produced by the World Economic Forum

"How we're growing baby corals to help rebuild coral reefs"

with Mission Blue II and TED.com

"Reviving the ocean ecosystem"

at the World Economic Forum

"Coral life cycles" for Ages 11-14 with AXA Coral Live 2020

Coral Adaptation Interview with AXA Coral Live 2019

Coral Reproduction Interview with AXA Coral Live 2018

Moderating the Blue Economy Panel at the World Economic Forum