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We strive to do research that no one else is doing, especially if no one else can do it. That means long hours underwater, longer hours in the lab, and the challenge of hacking protocols together until new methods and corals are born. Then we share what we learned, and take on an even tougher challenge. It's not easy. But it's important, it's fun, and it's working. Here's a photo tour of what we do and how we serve our fellow scientists... (In mobile view, tap photos for captions.)


Do you have 60 seconds? Here's a video of coral larvae swimming in the lab. These animals can live for a thousand years and grow to be car-sized, at which point they no longer fit into the Petri dishes. 


Do you have a hundred times more time than that? Here's a webinar about coral spawning methods and the next set of challenges for our field. It's aimed at restoration groups, but we suspect there's a much bigger coral fan club out there.


Interested in the latest coral spawning shenanigans on Curacao? Here's Kristen's talk from Reef Futures Virtual 2021, on the progress we've recently made propagating quirky corals like Dichocoenia and Dendrogyra.



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  • Daan van Bendegom 2023. The settlement and growth of larvae of three Caribbean coral species on several composite substrates. Master's Thesis.

  • Sophie Schönherr 2020. Improving coral restoration methods by testing the effects of water flow and feeding on the early life stage of two Caribbean coral species. Bachelor's Thesis.

  • Daisy Flores 2019. Improving the success of coral larval propagation by applying beneficial microbes in a novel ex-situ nursery system. Master's Thesis.

  • Lucas Tichy 2018. Accelerating the efficiency of coral larval propagation with novel rearing, culturing, and settlement methods. Master's Internship.

  • Kiki Bals. 2017. When is a brooder not truly a brooder? Histological and behavioral investigations into coral reproductive timing and mode. Bachelor's Internship.

  • Nadine da Silva. 2016. Unraveling the family secrets of Colpophyllia natans: Cryptic speciation or intraspecific variation? Master's Internship. (Co-supervisor)

  • Roxane Borruat. 2016. The morphological diversity of the coral family Meandrinidae: Phenotypic divergence of Dichocoenia sp. and Meandrina spp. related to environmental factors. Master's Internship. (Co-supervisor)

  • Ilse van der Meij. 2016. Microbial ecology of juvenile Caribbean corals: How do coral-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions affect coral larval behavior? Bachelor's Thesis. *Received the 2016 Kelly Scientific Thesis Award at UAS Leiden.

  • Petra Nobs. 2016. Settlement decisions of larvae from the stony coral Favia fragum (Esper) in response to bacterial isolates from crustose coralline algae (CCA). Bachelor's Internship.

  • Johanna Gijsbers-Alejandre. 2016. Microbial tools for the conservation of Caribbean corals. Bachelor's Thesis.

  • Robert-Jan van der Houwen. 2015. Mapping and analyzing fertilization biology of the Caribbean coral Colpophyllia natans. Bachelor's Internship.

  • Gijs van Arkel. 2015. Competition between potential coral probiotics and pathogens. Bachelor's Thesis.

  • Rémon Malawauw and Callum Reid. 2015. Assessing population structure and niche differentiation of the coral family Meandrinidae. Bachelor's Internship.

  • Bruce Sellmeijer. 2015. Coral larvae chemotaxis and the ecology of coral probiotic bacteria. Master's Internship.

  • Mirthe Wiltink. 2015. The ecology of coral probiotic bacteria and their potential use as a tool in reef restoration. Master's Internship.

  • Michiel Klaassen. 2014. Testing the Janzen-Connell hypothesis in the brooding Caribbean coral species Favia fragum. Master's Internship.

  • Anoek van Leeuwen. 2014. Examining evidence for coral speciation mechanisms using ecological and genetic differences in four closely-related species of the Meandrinidae family. Bachelor's Thesis.

  • Christopher M. White, 2014. Role of surface characteristics and mobile invertebrates on settlement choices and post-settlement survivorship of three scleractinian coral species. Master's Thesis.


  • The extremely good-looking Friends of the Marhaver Lab

  • CORDAP Coral Accelerator Program

  • NSF ECO-CBET Environmental Convergence Opportunities

  • The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

  • National Geographic Support for Women in Science

  • NSF IOS Growing Convergence Research Program

  • The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

  • National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration

  • WINGS WorldQuest

  • NSF IOS Behavioral Systems

  • NSF OCE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Ocean Sciences

  • NSF DDIG in Animal Behavior

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography Stout Family Fellowship

  • NSF IGERT Fellowship

  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

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